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2020 is almost over and there are thousands upon thousands of digital agencies in the world today and A LOT of entrepreneurs are still starting new digital agencies even before the end of the year.
Digital marketing agencies are popping up everywhere and People keep wondering, is it still a good time to start a digital marketing agency? or is it too late? Well, it depends actually. 🤔 🤗 Digital marketing is a growing field and has always been undergoing a lot of evolution.
There are a lot of businesses all over the world (…and more businesses are been started) in need of digital marketing services, most of them don’t have a clue where to start, that is where digital marketing agencies can come in and fill the gap.

But what do I know? 🤷‍♂️

So I asked some smart and experienced agency owners/founders, if it was a good time to start a digital marketing agency 👇

    Digital marketing is the future…



You need to know something about marketing and help clients make more money


    Have a niche/specialty

       Experience matters alot


        Specialize and find a unique differentiation  

 Healthy mindset, specialized knowledge and a blue print


        …the right implementation plan


    Specialize and collaborate



 You need to be good, like really good.


  Niche! niche!! niche!!!


Expertise and quality service


…and of course Mendy McEwen,  founder/owner  of   Mod Girl marketing and creator of Mod Agency Insiders has something to say…

So YES it is still a good time to start a digital marketing agency. Just like Debanjan Mitra puts it…  


 “There is never a better time to start your agency”…

If you know what you are doing, If you niche and specialize either by industry or certain area of marketing, If you have cash reserves to cover startup expenses and of course If you can be patient and persistent.

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