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WordPress is an open source CMS with vast majority of free/paid “out of the box” plugins and themes that aids “out of the box” development and customisation of websites. WordPress websites has a recurring need for support and maintenance, this fact has given rise in WordPress services offering recurring maintenance and support services which leads to monthly recurring revenue and don’t forget WordPress powers over 30% of the websites on the Internet, such a huge market. Let’s discover the opportunities in the WordPress support/maintenance business.




  • Although WordPress is an open source, easy to customise CMS, it comes with its flaws. These flaws require regular maintenance and support which could be stressful for serious website owners to manage.


  • These serious business owners usually don’t have time to manage and tackle issues such as spam hacks, errors and mundane tasks such as plugin and theme updates, security checks and website backups.


  • While running their business, serious website owners might require CSS tweaks, new page design and might not have the required skill set to handle these tasks. They need a consistent helping hand.


🔍  Solution:


  • Create  WordPress support services/team that has the expertise and Technical Knowledge to handle all WordPress tasks in 24hours or more depending on the complexity of the task.


  • These WordPress support and maintenance services help reduce workload for serious website owners so they (serious website owners) can focus on more important things.


⛹️‍♂️  Performers:






🔮 Projections:


  • WordPress support services will focus on a particular niche and add more services to serve that niche.


  • WordPress support and maintenance services will become the hub where businesses trying to avoid freelancer headaches will go to hire quality and reliable WordPress engineers.


  • More digital agencies will partner with Whitelabel WordPress support services and resell WordPress support services to their client as an additional source of revenue for their agency. Example: Agency X can now offer WordPress support to it’s client without having any in-house WordPress developer by simply reselling Gidistack’s WordPress support plans.


  • New platforms will emerge to enable serious website owners to screen share their WordPress tasks with WordPress developers and get charged by the number of minutes spent on customization, fixes and task delivery. The more customisation request/tasks by the website owners, the more minutes spent on handling the task, the more the cost of work.


💡 Market chances:


  • Target a niche: Find out who is your target customer. Are you targeting agencies as a Whitelabel partner? Are you targeting professionals such as dentists and lawyers? Be specific who you’re targeting. Write it down.


  • A little advice: Target businesses whose “website IS the business” itself and not just a marketing channel for the business. Example: LMS, e-commerce/online shops etc.


  • When you have successfully chosen a niche to target, offer services that will make more money for the businesses in that niche and make WordPress support your add-on service. WordPress support service only is not enough to break through these days. Offer more useful services.


  • Be specific on what services you are offering to businesses in the niche and be sure there is a demand for the service(s). So are you building and maintaining websites?… Do you offer SEO?… Do you offer FB ads management?… And add WordPress support as part of your service. Something to think about.


  • Productize your service, offer pricing plans and packages with expected outcomes including WordPress support.


  • Invest in Facebook ads. Spend time and money to test Facebook ads, learn and know what works for your audience and what doesn’t.


  • Never stop testing Facebook ads until you figure out how to effectively use Facebook ads.


  • Try to cold email business prospects in your niche. Doesn’t hurt to try but use it lightly.


  • The quality of your service can differentiate your WP support service from others, so ask your customers for feedback, schedule phone calls with them and communicate often so they can tell you what they like about your service and what needs to be fixed in your WP support service.


  • Become a reseller of WordPress hosting. Launch as a reseller WordPress hosting business and offer a dedicated WordPress developer to each of your hosting clients to handle all their WordPress tasks.


  • Ask yourself, “Am I giving my clients more value than just WordPress technical support?”. The more value you give at the same affordable price, the more opportunities you create for your business.


  • Value could be plugin recommendations to boost their business, Blog posts or  educational newsletter etc. Again all these depend on the niche you target.


😡  Critics:

“Isn’t it too late to start a WordPress support service?… The market is already saturated.”

Response: Sometimes the more saturated a market, the more opportunities to differentiate yourself.

To differentiate yourself, you need to serve a specific niche and offer them so much value beyond WordPress support. Value could mean offering more marketing services, reselling hosting and valuable education.

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