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🚨 Challenges:

Businesses are looking to diversify their offering and sources of revenue, so launching a new product or service is a no brainier.

…But it may cost time and money recruiting talents, training in-house staffs and setting up the necessary infrastructure to develop a new product and service from scratch.


🔍 Solution:

Instead of going through the stress of hiring, wasting of time and resources, unnecessary trial and errors etc. Businesses can and decided to outsource the work to another company. We refer to this “companies” white label providers.

There are three types of white label providers or white label solutions:

* White-Label Software Provider. Example: Company A, a white label banking software provider sells their banking automation software to company B, a financial institution, to resell. Company B re brands it with their logo, brand name and resells it to their client, company C.

* White-Label Product Provider. Example: Company D, a white label tailoring company manufactures and re-brands socks for company E, Company E repackages the socks and sells to the end user.

* White-Label Services Provider. Example: Company F, a WordPress development service, sells WordPress web design and plugin development services to company G to resell, a digital agency for law firms. Company G then resells the service to law firms in need of new or redesigned websites while Company F designs the website under the guise of Company G.


⛹️‍♂️ Performers:

Whitelabel software providers

  • LevelUp.
  •  Stream LXP
  • Digital and software dev agencies

Whitelabel service providers


🔮 Projection:

  • More hyper niche media companies will sell private labelled products to their audience… Tasty a buzzfeed publication currently does this.
  • Goods delivery companies will develop and launch a network of Whitelabel providers for specific niches they deliver more goods. 
  • Companies will be more open with hiring whitelabel services and letting their clients know about the process.


💡 Market chances:

  • Make sure your Whitelabel products or services are low cost and affordable so your resellers can resell at competitive price points
  •  Achieving success as a Whitelabel provider is when your reseller make lot of sales reselling your product and service. Regularly reach out to them to share new ideas and tools to achieve profitability faster.
  •  Build your service around a big software or platform, productize it before you Whitelabel it. Example: Website development service for digital agencies targeting attorneys using WordPress.
  • Optimize your Whitelabel software for quick and easy deployment. Help your customers worry less about customisation and focus on what they know how to do best.
  •  Concentrate on your core area of expertise with excellent execution and result and forget about selling every service or product with mediocre results.

😡 Critics:

“Being a whitelabel service provider means i lose credit for my work. That’s painful”

0UR REPLY;  Yes it is. That has been the whole idea of selling your product and service as a Whitelabel

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