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Instagram, the Facebook’s photo-sharing network has launched “Instagram shop” in the explore tab of it’s US app and will soon launch in the rest of the world.
Instagram shop is a major revamp of its shopping feature called ‘Shop’. Shop allows any business to setup a free store front on their Instagram page. Where are the opportunities for Instagram sellers?


It hasn’t been seamless for buyers to discover cool products from their favorite brands on Instagram.

🔍 Solution

The beauty of “Instagram shop” is that it offers users a personalized recommendation and suggestions on things to buy and products can be purchased seamlessly within the app.
Instagram shop has been described as a place to browse products from favorite brands and influencers. Collections will be curated by Instagram’s own @shop account.

⛹️‍♂️ Performers

🔮 Projections

  • The Instagram shops feature will launch in the rest of the world in the coming weeks.
  • Merchants that prepare or are prepared for the launch will see an increase in sales with Instagram shop.
  • Merchants will recruit *niche* micro and macro influencers on Instagram. They are more effective and affordable than popular Instagram influencers.
  • Individual sellers will invest in their own personal brand on Instagram.

💡 Market Chances

  •  Instagram shop is trending in the US for it’s seamless discovery of products from users favourite brands and influencers.
  •  The keyword here is “favorite brands“. To thrive in Instagram’s new shopping product you need to be among the favorite brands in your niche and the way to be the favorite is to build an audience.
  •  This is/will be the best time for merchants without an audience to invest in building their audience and merchants with an already existing audience to invest in establishing better relationships and credibility with their audience.
  •  Building an audience will help your business standout in your market.
  •  We recommend two ways to build an audience on Instagram:
  1.  Create compelling, relevant and valuable posts then “promote your post“.
  2. Recruit micro and macro Influencers to share your products to their fans.

1. Promote your post

  •  Click on the “promote” button below your post
  •  Pick your goal: Do you want more profile views, website traffic, more sales?
  •  Choose your audience: Set the kind of audience you plan to target. Pick based on what works for your product and brand.
  •  Set your budget and duration of the promotion. Instagram will estimate the expected reach and clicks that your post will attract during the ad campaign.

2. Influencer marketing

  •  Now is the best time to work with influencers in your industry or niche. Everyone is an influencer but not all influencers are equal on Instagram.
  •  Before reaching out to influencers you need to craft an influencer marketing strategy, this strategy will guide you on how to run the campaign and the type of influencers that will suit your campaign.

😡 Critics

“Why build my audience on a rented land?… Instagram controls the audience.”
Reply: Not all followers are equal… Having an email list of all your prospective and consistent buyers wouldn’t hurt. Go to their DM’s and ask for their emails or phone numbers.

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