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🚨 Challenge

  • Small business owners need to focus on making their business successful and most times can not afford the salary of a full – time staff to handle incoming calls, emails and communication in general.
  • Working professionals with a side hustle that involves handling of calls and emails often struggle with balancing the demands of their full time job with the demands of their side gigs.


🔍 Solution

  • People with digital and administrative skills offer a packaged plan that aims to help small business owners handle their everyday communication with clients virtually. Now business owners can fully focus on building their business
  • The administrative service has become mainly remote (work from home, office or any part of the world), ensuring small businesses get the full benefits of a full time administrative assistant while saving money.


⛹️‍♂️ Performers

Some companies offering this VA services

 Platforms to hire an administrative VA


🔮 Projections

  • The increase in job layoffs in both big and small businesses due to corona virus has sadly shown that most job positions can be handled by one person(in many cases ” virtually ” ) or software, this trend will continue to exist and people who have established themselves as multi-skilled and hard working VAs will remain relevant.
  • Multi-skilled administrative staffs who are *not earning well enough* offline or in their full-time job would carry their skills, experience and knowledge to offer to multiple businesses online.
  • Big revenues and profits will be made when virtual assistants sell their administrative skills to businesses in need of administrative assistance in the US, Europe, Canada and other parts of the world through online marketplaces or their own website.


💡 Market Chances


  • Packaging your service into a product with specific results/outcome for a fixed fee (hourly/weekly/monthly/yearly)  should be implemented to help you offer the service profitably and make it affordable for small business owners.
  • The service(s) and outcome should be specified to ensure business owners know what they are paying for. For example, if you are offering an administrative service that helps online coaches answer emails alone and not phone calls it should be specified on your website or social media page.

Offer it globally:

  • There is a high demand for the best and affordable virtual assistant around the world as long as you can work hard and smart.

One-off Affordable service:

  • More business owners will be able to hire virtual administrative staffs for busy periods for example a cake seller who normally handles all communications with customers himself/herself  will need help during festive periods (Christmas, Eid al-fitr , Yom kippur..) and would be willing to pay for a skilled staff for that month


😡 Critics

“Why would I offer my admin VA service to businesses online when I could get a 9 to 5 job with less risk locally”

OUR REPLY: Well, ambitions differ for people. Some people want to make a good living while working at a flexible time from any where in the world, by tapping into the power of the internet to connect with businesses who are willing to pay for their service.

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