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  • Most startups need written content but their founders /executives most likely don’t have time or probably don’t have professional writing skills.
  • Startup employees might be familiar with blog writing but when asked to do a complex writing task, things tend to get a little messy or scattered.
  • Startups want to rank their website on Google while saving money in marketing spending – hiring a full time writer might not be the best option.

🔍 Solution

  • Blog writing services helps startup founders/executive to save time and focus on their day to day running of their business. These content writers write professionally and deliver on time.
  • Professional blog writers usually know how Google algorithms works. They write to help startups rank well and attract more traffic / site visits from Google. Once you start ranking highly for keywords, the magic starts.


⛹️‍♂️ Performers

Companies that are Offering this solution

Platforms for pushing out content


🔮 Projections

  • Forward thinking and tech savvy writers will productize and set pricing packages for their blog writing service.
  • Smart writers will see the value of niching down by a specific industry. Example B2B marketing software as a service blog writer – you get the point.
  • Niche specific writer marketplaces will emerge, this will make it easy for startups to easily filter writers by niche and outsource their writing tasks to writers that perfectly match their needs.


💡 Market Chances

  • Start with a specific niche, “startups” as a niche is too broad. There are startups in all industries – pick an industry as your niche. You should pick your niche based on your interest/passion or based on your experience in an industry – something to think about.


  • Do your research to know what kinds of startup in your chosen niche need “written” content and find out what kind of written content people in that niche prefer to read – Long form or Short form blog post? LinkedIn posts?  Maybe online shop owners wouldn’t want to engage with their customers on LinkedIn.


  • Be sure startups in your chosen niche have money to spend on marketing. They MUST have a marketing budget.


  • Focus on running advertising campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any social network with hyper focused targeting, for example target US based SaaS* startup founders in the agricultural industry. (SaaS* means software as a service).


  • Productize and setup pricing packages on your website to help grow your content writing business with predictable monthly recurring revenue. Adam Crookes use this model for his writing business Freshly Squeezed . As your business grows, hire niche excellent writers and match them with startups in your industry. Example, our platform gives you a dedicated blog writer to handle all your business blog writing needs.


😡 Critics

“Why go through all this process when I could build a niche writer marketplace from the start?”

  • OUR REPLY;  You need to understand how things work in your industry and get initial customers before putting effort into developing a marketplace software – Offering a niche productized blog writing service to your clients will help you get initial customers and help you know what features to include in the marketplace.

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