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🚨 Challenge

  • Most small digital agencies can’t afford hiring world class and professional designer in-house. They are cost effective.


🔍 Solution

  • A done for you design service that assigns world class and full time designers to small agencies locally or around the world at an affordable flat monthly rate. Small agencies will enjoy the full benefits of having a full time designer while saving cost.


⛹️‍♂️ Performers

Design Companies Offering this Service

   Tools for graphic design


🔮  Projections

  • More designers will productize their skills and apply for design tasks locally and abroad.


  • Marketplaces specifically for small agencies to hire designers remotely will emerge.


  • Designers focused on niche small agencies will win long-term.



💡   Market Chances

  • Start by choosing your core customers and be very specific, “agencies” is too broad. “design agencies” is too broad. Choose one kind of agency and country for a start, example: marketing agencies for law firms based in Ontario. 


  • Affordability is very important, so your service should be affordable for small agencies than hiring a full time in-house designer. Small agencies should save money, time and maximize profit when outsourcing their client’s design to you.


  • Explain how your design service helps small agencies reduce cost, scale quickly and focus more on their core offer – helping their clients grow. Your landing page should tell your story and showcase the quality of your design.


  • Pitch them your service. Use agency directories like, G2crowd,  Hubspot partner directory or any other agency directory to get their contact details(email, Zoom ID and phone number).


  • Productize and scale – Sell your service as a product with specific outcomes. Example: “Hire a personal designer for your small agency starting from $3,000/month.


😡 Critics

    “There is canva why should small agencies hire a full time designer”

OUR REPLY:  Small agency owners usually don’t have time or professional skills to use canva out of the box and their clients usually wants exclusive and unique design.

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