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                Things You should know about #idea articles

We follow a certain format to ensure the message is been passed across properly and quickly with all important points standing out. We also understand that some people might find it hard to understand at first glance, so we made a fun break down of what message each “section” is trying to pass without so much technicality 🤓

🚨 challenge: This indicate the issues the everyday customers and users face and therefore we explain their pain points.

🔍 Solution: Based on “our” own perspective and research, we try and create a solution that will solve the “Problem”. This solution might already exist in the Nigerian Market or a Foreign Market by big or small players.

⛹️‍♂️ Performer We try and give a list of big or small startups or businesses that already solve these “problems” with their own approach or their way. This will help you research and understand better how these players are already winning or losing the market… Either way, they had an idea and saw opportunities.

🔮 Projections: We all wish we could look into the future and see what product/service wins so we can invest in them. We give “our” view on the future to help motivate you to do better and aim higher, we keep it a mix of both positive and negative information and try to see things from a balanced view.

💡 Market chances: We do a deep research into the market and try to find profitable ways i which you can “stand-out” and make “profit”. We understand every entrepreneur already has ideas running through their minds and we just like to help you point out some ideas and opportunities we feel will help you stand out and profit, based on our predictions.

😡Critics: Haters are necessary in life to build strength and test your resolve for your ideas. We answer their critical questions with positivity and hope. They are not always strangers, some might be our readers, some are friends and family members. we don’t take it personal, so don’t take it personal. We urge you to work hard and show them you are a doer and not just a talker, at the end of the day build and innovate with love ❤️

Hope this helps to get things in perspective and is the beginning to your deep research into the market!!!!

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