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    (Guest Contributed by Tushar Dauthal from Draftss )

While the world is going digital, everything is not just changing, but is changing at a fast pace. With new technologies coming in, not just the products but their marketing and support services are expected to change highly and drastically.


One of the very important and integral features of the digital industry is Digital Marketing which is going to see a huge disruption in the world of technology and digitalisation. Social media platforms are changing, web browsers are bringing in a lot of changes in how they’ve been working and their algorithms, SEO is not going to be the same as it is today, and many more changes are yet to come. Hence, it becomes even more essential for all the digital marketers to keep a track of these changes and prepare themselves with the best tools and tactics to bring out the best out of the future opportunities and changes.

Some of the disruptions going to majorly affect the digital industry are:



One of the most talked technology in the hype in the market; Virtual Reality is going to bring in a lot of new dynamics and horizons to the businesses as well as all the other related sectors. It would never be the same content and technology that is being used today once the VR technology gets established in the market with feasible tech and value. 

Growth dynamics for the businesses depending upon the digital marketing and digital platforms will change drastically and absolutely amazing designers and visual artists are going to rule the VR industry. 3D imaging and designs have started becoming more dominant in the market than ever before. Businesses have started looking for the transformation of the content from the industry in present to the industry VR is going to bring in and the era will bring in the importance of graphic designers and visual artists to a new level. 



Screens have started becoming smaller, and in some cases, the screens have already disappeared – Alexa. With the better and more advanced technologies coming in, how the businesses have been designing and using visuals will change and the dynamics of designing industry will rely on some of the best designing companies in the world.

SEO and other digital marketing tactics which had solely relied upon the textual content earlier are seeing a change in how they’re going to be used and benefitted from. Use of audio and visuals instead of texts and words will not let the growth of the businesses the same as it is today and graphic designing will play an important role in designing graphics and visuals that can still be effective and efficient enough even after the changes and transformations coming in.


Voice Technology

A number of digital platforms and marketplaces are now quickly shifting towards the audio and visuals from text and articulations. This is significantly changing the growth plans and tactics of several businesses and startups. Inducing voice technology into shopping, books, learning, etc. is going to affect a lot of industries and is going to change the way how the businesses have been growing drastically. 

Content in the form of visuals and audio will be pushed into the market very heavily and unlimited design services will take the market by the storm. 


Artificial Intelligence

Who would like to do a task that could be easily automated once the era of artificial intelligence comes starts with all its colours and brings in the possibilities that never existed in the world before. Artificial Intelligence will heavily be used to create simulation models and design better environment of personalization and recommendation as is already being used by a number of online marketplace platforms. Once the artificial intelligence will step in, time and resources are expected to be impacted at the most!

Digital marketing heavily depends upon the analytics, numbers, types, behavioural characteristics, and decision making. Artificial intelligence is going to make the most out of its capabilities to contribute to these aspects and help the digital marketers to make better output and results out of the efforts they put in. Artificial Intelligence will also be highly used in generating content. Have a look at how artificial intelligence will affect the graphic designing industry.



One of the most trending technologies in the market in the present scenario, Chatbots are transforming the Digital marketing Industry and impacting the output hugely with respect to the efforts being put in. In case you haven’t noticed marketing requires a lot of efforts and work. A part of it is already being automated with other AI tools and for the rest, Chatbots are going to play a very important role. Great to manage the initial steps of customer queries and take the queries in the right direction, it works great to gather information before the address of the queries comes into play. It makes the complete process of outreach and marketing easy, quick, efficient, and effective!



Digital world will keep changing and so will be the technologies and tools, but one thing which is going to stay is growth. A number of inductions of new technologies and tactics will promote more content to flow out in the market with ease and efficiency more than ever before. The content will change, the designs will get better and flexible enough to go with upcoming models of hardware. Designing and visual services are expected to gain a huge traction and a very beneficial point for the businesses to market themselves through. 


Guest Contributed by Tushar Dauthal from Draftss

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